December 2023 - feature updates

Core platform

  • Accepting payments to BSB/account numbers: clients can now create payment requests and receive payments from their customers made to a BSB and Account Number so that the customer has the flexibility to pay either via a PayID or a BSB/Account Number.
    This feature is not enabled for all clients by default, and can be switched on by our TechOps team through a request via service desk.
    A unique combination of BSB and Account Number will be generated for each payment request.
    A payment to a BSB/account number will credit the payment to the corresponding payment request similar to how a payment is credited for a payment request paid to a PayID.
    This feature is not available in the PayID Checkout app but is available only via API call.

Azupay dashboard

  • Customisation to Daily transaction report format: clients now have the option of choosing between comma delimited and pipe delimited CSV files for their daily transaction reports.
    Previously, the report was available in just the pipe delimited CSV file. This feature is available via the Client Config and by default for all new clients, the file will be comma delimited.
    If a client chooses a comma delimited CSV file for their daily transaction report, it will affect the changes to all channels i.e client dashboard, API calls and SFTP file transfer.
    For partners with sub-merchants, their newly created sub-merchants will inherit the same report format from the parent.