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Learn how Azupay makes real time payments easy through our comprehensive guides and API reference.

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Work with us and embed our highly optimised and continuously improving UX Apps to provide seamless PayOuts, Payment Requests and Automatic Payments for your customers, suppliers and partners. Alternatively, work with our suite of APIs and create your own customised user experiences.

💸 PayOut

Create delightful moments.
Send funds to your suppliers', customers' and partners' bank accounts at scale, instantly, any time, any day with our PayOut APIs.

Use PayID whenever you can to massively reduce error rates, provide a better user experience and reduce propagation of sensitive personal bank information.

Take comfort knowing the Azupay platform will store and forward your instructions while counterparty bank systems are struggling and any non-NPP addressable payments will automatically route to available payment methods.

Guide to the Payment API

🧾 Payment Request

Receive payments triggered by your payers with an experience that works for them and for you.

Give control and convenience with our PayTo and PayID based Payment Request App. Give your payers more control, more convenience or a choice of both - while you choose whether you accept exact matches only, partial amounts or any amounts.

Guide to the PaymentRequest API

🤖 Automated Payments

The ultimate in convenience for you, your customers and partners using our PayTo APIs.

Work with us to build your bespoke payment automations to collect payments according to your own business rules.

With the power of PayTo you ensure perfect payment flows for you while giving your payers visibility and control of their agreements.

Guide to the Automatic Payment APIs

New to PayID + PayTo?

Need to learn some acronyms around real time account to account payments in Australia?

Get familiar with key concepts around NPP, PayID, PayTo and the role of Azupay

→ Concepts

Get up to speed faster and be pioneering

Use our UX Apps for a fast route to going live, protect yourself from touching sensitive financial and identity information about your payers and instantly be at the forefront of the future of payment experiences.

Choosing the right UX App