About NPP

The New Payments Platform (NPP) offers "Real-time data-rich payments for the Australian digital economy".
You can obtain more information about NPP current and future services in the NPP website. NPP is delivered by Australian Payments Plus (AP+) - an organisation owned by many of Australia's largest banks and operates many of Australia's critical payment systems on a cost recovery basis.

NPP enables payments between Australian bank accounts with cleared funds settling in real time, is used by all Australian domestic banks and most international banks operating in Australia. NPP also offers related services such as bank account aliases (PayID) and payment mandate management (PayTo).

Azupay is a pioneer in offering innovative services using NPP to allow your business to send and receive real-time payments in a secure and affordable way.

What is PayID?

If you visit the PayID Website from NPP you will find the following definition:

PayID is the name of the NPP’s addressing service. It’s a function of the Platform that allows users to link easy-to-remember pieces of information, such as their phone number or email address, to their account. Users can provide their PayID, instead of their BSB and account number, to people or organisations they wish to receive payments from in real-time.

For example, if you want to receive payments from your friends and you usually give them an Australian BSB and Account Number you will often find they forget your account details or even worse, make an error and pay to the wrong account.

This is when PayID comes to help. Instead of giving them your account details, have your bank register your email address against your BSB and Account number. The next time around tell your friends they can pay to your email address (chances are they have it already).

When your friends want to send you money, they will go to their banking application and enter your email address.
Their bank will display your name (linked to the PayID) giving confidence that they are sending money to the right person and once they complete the payment you will receive the funds in a few seconds.

Furthermore, if tomorrow, you decide to change your account number, you can re-link your email address to a new BSB and Account number, saving you the effort of sending through new account details.

Azupay's PayID solution builds on this bank account alias service to create unique benefits for businesses and their customers when sending and receiving payments.

What is PayTo?

If you visit the PayTo Website from NPP you will find the following definition:

For business:
PayTo is a new, digital way for merchants and businesses to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts.

For customers:
From phone bills to flights, or your music subscription – PayTo gives you more control over payments from your bank account, to help make life admin that little bit easier.

PayTo was originally envisioned as a fully digital, real time replacement for Direct Debit but powerful and flexible functionality built into the PayTo scheme support many payment use cases that Direct Debit has never been suitable for.

For example, say you are a business that wants to setup direct debits for your customers. Your business could be an electronics store or a utility company and your customer needs to pay in instalments or wants to setup a regular payment schedule. This is where PayTo has been designed to be a clear upgrade in experience, process efficiency and fraud protection.

If on the other hand, you are an online service that has been relying on stored card payments to collect regular subscriptions you may find an increasing number of your customers prefer not to use cards. PayTo can be used by anyone that has a PayTo-enabled bank account (at time of writing >90% of all Australian consumer bank accounts are PayTo-enabled) without needing to subscribe to a new service, pass a credit check or download a new app.

E-commerce and physical retailers are seeing opportunities to form closer and safer connection with their customers as well as speed checkout experience by using PayTo due to the authorisation controls, centralised agreement management and real time confirmation of funds.

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