Start right by understanding Azupay's products and the payment rails

Azupay realtime account-to-account payments offer a new experience for payers and businesses that is important to understand as you start your implementation. To ensure your users adopt, and have a great experience, choose our optimised UX Apps, which are highly configurable to suit your situation.

We recommend you understand which of our UX Apps and its Variant best suits your use case, then determine the Configurations you need. However, if none of our UX Apps work for your use case you can build your own custom experiences on our suite of APIs.

Our Components

Azupay offers UX Apps

  • Each App has its own integration requirements
  • Make sure you understand our Apps before you start build as switching Apps later will require a new integration

Each App has multiple Variants

  • Each Variant of an App offers different payer experiences and business benefits to suit your use case
  • Once an App is integrated, switch between different Variants of the App using toggles in your Merchant Dashboard - no need for further development work
  • In some cases your API calls may be able to specify a switch between Variants of an App for each transaction!

Each Variant and App is Configurable

  • A range of settings are configurable to fine tune details of the payment experience you need
  • Configurations can be set at onboarding, via a helpdesk ticket or some can be edited for each transaction using fields in the API.

We provide a Merchant Dashboard for you to control your account, view transactions and manage cash movements, amongst other things.

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The best way to use Azupay products is to connect to our APIs with webhook notifications for realtime event driven payment processing; but for businesses running on existing payment processes and technology you may reduce your development requirements by choosing to exchange batch files via SFTP instead.

All of our payment processes offer file based alternatives for sending and receiving data.

Payment Rails

Azupay runs on Australia's NPP payment rails using PayID and PayTo to offer real time account to account payments, bank account aliases and digital payment agreements, allowing automated payment flows.

We see better end customer experiences and operational efficiency for our clients using real time account to account payments, but where payments are not able to be delivered via NPP, our systems can automatically route to Direct Entry to ensure complete coverage of your customers.

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What’s Next
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