The following reports are available:

  • Daily Transaction Report
  • MT940 (select customers)


Encryption of Daily Transaction Reports

The option to enhance the security of Daily Transaction Reports through PGP Encryption is now available. Please note that this feature is not enabled by default; however, it can be configured for your account upon request. To initiate the encryption setup, kindly submit a support ticket with our team.

Downloading reports using the dashboard

All reports are accessible via the dashboard:

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Navigate to Reports in the left navigation bar
  3. Download the report you are looking for

Note: Using the dashboard, only the last 3 months of reports can be accessed. However, the API will provide you access to the full set of reports.

Custom date range reports

Custom date range reports allow users to enter specific dates e.g. 11/10/2023 to 20/10/2023 in order to download a report covering that period.
Please note that there is a maximum limit of 12,000 transaction records that will be returned for any given period.

Downloading reports using the API

All reports generated by Azupay are available for download via our API using three simple steps:

  • Get the list of reports
  • Get the report's temporary download url
  • Finally, download the report

Get the list of reports

First, you have to get a list of reports available for a given month:

Authorization: SECR_MYBUSINESSID_myapikey


  • month: Reports are for this month. Provide a value in the format YYYY-MM
  • clientId: Your clientId, in this case it's MYBUSINESSID
  • timezone: The timezone you wish to apply to the dates returned in the response body. Currently, we only support Australia/Sydney

This request will yield the following response:

  "month": "2020-01",
  "reports": [
      "reportId": "string",
      "type": "MT940",
      "fromDate": "2020-01-01T00:00:00.004+11:00",
      "toDate": "2020-01-01T00:00:00.004+11:00",
      "clientId": "string"


  • month: Reports are for this month
  • reports: The list of available reports
  • reports.type: The type of report. Currently, we supply either Transaction Report, Transaction Report V2, Billing Report or MT940 (select customers)
  • reports.reportId: This is the unique id of the report. You need to parse the response based on the other fields type, fromDate, toDate and identify the reportId you are planning to download
  • reports.clientId: The clientId associated with this report.

Get the report's temporary download url

Ok, once you have identified the reportId you are interested in, we can move to the next step

Authorization: SECR_MYBUSINESSID_myapikey


  • clientId: Your clientId, in this case it's MYBUSINESSID
  • reportId: The reportId you identified earlier

This will yield the following response:

  "reportUrl": ""


  • reportUrl: This is a temporary url you can use to download the file. It is only valid for a limited amount of time

Finally, download the report

Using the reportUrl, issue a simple GET request and download the resulting report file:


This will yield a response with Content-Type value of application/octet-stream.

Report Specifications

Daily Transaction Report

The Daily Transaction Report V2 is a comprehensive report containing all your transaction activity similar to a bank

Filename format

YYYY-MM-DD-DAILY_TXN_V2.csv; where YYYY is the year, MM is the month and DD is the date of the month. Example: 2022-01-18-DAILY_TXN_V2.csv

Generation time

File is generated daily at 6:15PM GMT.

Field Separator

Fields are separated by the pipe symbol |

Line Separator

Lines are separated by a new line character \n

Field specifications

FieldFormatDescriptionMin LengthMax LengthNullable
TransactionIdStringThe unique transaction identifier generated by the API5200No
ParentTransactionIdStringCurrently corresponds to the PaymentRequest.PaymentRequestStatus.parentPaymentRequestId or PaymentInitiation.paymentAgreementId for PayTo transactions5200Yes
TransactionTypeEnum ['Payment', 'PaymentRequest', 'Topup', 'Sweep', 'PaymentInitiation']No
ClientTransactionIdStringThe unique Id provided by the consumer of the API5100Yes
PaymentDescriptionStringAll references to special characters have been removed (only from reports i.e. pipe, line feed, quotation marks and carriage return)5280No
PayerPaymentReferenceStringReference provided by the PayID payer on their web/mobile bankingYes
PayIdTypeEnum ['PHONE', 'EMAIL', 'ABN', 'ORG']Yes
DateTimeString (ISO8601 simplified extended)No
BalanceCurrencyThe balance after the transaction was processedNo
CRDREnum ['CR', 'DR']CR credit or DR debit transactionNo
NPPTransactionIdStringThe unique identifier for the transaction within the NPP infrastructure3535Yes
LocalTimeString (ISO8601)Australia/Sydney time (AEST/AEDT)No

Note: Clients can request to configure the 'Client Branch' field in the paymentRequest API and use the information in it as an additional payment transaction data point. If a client passes data into the 'Client Branch' field, it can also be shown in the Daily Transaction report via special request a ticket through the Azupay Service Desk.


2022-06-17T00:04:37.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:37 GMT+10|CR|100.00|100.00|Topup||||[email protected]|EMAIL|Topup Description|Payer payment reference|AZTPAU22XXXN20220617300000000001661|||AZTPAU22XXXN20220617300000000001661
2022-06-17T00:04:41.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:41 GMT+10|DR|20.00|80.00|Payment|||John-Smith Doe|[email protected]|EMAIL|Payment for wages August 2020||c241b3eece995b38e2d5b79391ded2be||1541e2f0-edd1-11ec-bc15-d1127cd0936e|BZTPAU22XXXN20220617100000000001680
2022-06-17T00:04:42.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:42 GMT+10|DR|30.00|50.00|Payment|062000|12345678|John-Smith Doe|||Payment for wages August 2020||abb9527055f6461815ea6f16c144b95f||1611b610-edd1-11ec-bc15-d1127cd0936e|BZTPAU22XXXN20220617800000000001600
2022-06-17T00:04:43.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:43 GMT+10|DR|40.00|40.00|Payment|062000|12345444|John-Smith Doe|||Payment for wages August 2020||c4058276027dea80b8b78041466aab33||16d0c050-edd1-11ec-bc15-d1127cd0936e|BZTPAU22XXXN20220617300000000001750
2022-06-17T00:04:43.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:43 GMT+10|CR|30.00|80.00|Payment|062000|12345678|John-Smith Doe|||Payment for wages August 2020||abb9527055f6461815ea6f16c144b95f||1611b610-edd1-11ec-bc15-d1127cd0936e|BZTPAU22XXXN20220617800000000001600
2022-06-17T00:04:45.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:45 GMT+10|CR|40.00|80.00|Payment|062000|12345444|John-Smith Doe|||Payment for wages August 2020||c4058276027dea80b8b78041466aab33||16d0c050-edd1-11ec-bc15-d1127cd0936e|CUSCAU2SXXXN20220617300000000001771
2022-06-17T00:04:46.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:46 GMT+10|CR|30.00|110.00|PaymentRequest|802010|00000001|Payer details Name|[email protected]|EMAIL|Integration test payment|Payer payment reference|0791daa0510cad2f71a3d35ae3e743d0||bkbxcy1lnxzxqohqh70u|AZTPAU22XXXN20220617200000000001351
2022-06-17T00:04:52.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:52 GMT+10|CR|95.00|205.00|PaymentRequest|802010|00000001|Payer details Name|[email protected]|EMAIL|Integration test payment|Payer payment reference|3b6a90748ddb718eff97b4bd056e21d9|e10ad2f0bd58377a556b24459723d2d9|1c578bd0-edd1-11ec-b843-bf02934eddb8|AZTPAU22XXXN20220617400000000002011
2022-06-17T00:04:55.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:55 GMT+10|CR|25.00|230.00|PaymentRequest|802010|00000001|Payer details Name|[email protected]|EMAIL|Integration test payment|Payer payment reference|8170b769a45650522e08b97e08fbc86c|f8f065b02ad2e96458e5e99936f23ac6|1e328d60-edd1-11ec-b843-bf02934eddb8|AZTPAU22XXXN20220617100000000001811
2022-06-17T00:04:57.000Z|2022-06-17 10:04:57 GMT+10|CR|25.00|255.00|PaymentRequest|802010|00000001|Payer details Name|[email protected]|EMAIL|Integration test payment|Payer payment reference|278ca38942e96a4f6a25fb0c5999a10b|f8f065b02ad2e96458e5e99936f23ac6|1f6abf40-edd1-11ec-b843-bf02934eddb8|AZTPAU22XXXN20220617700000000002251
2022-06-17T00:05:00.000Z|2022-06-17 10:05:00 GMT+10|CR|60.00|315.00|PaymentRequest|802010|00000001|Payer details Name|[email protected]|EMAIL|Integration test payment|Payer payment reference|a75bd89b6f8bc8c04c41a35f99e05c3c||yrirzaalok8ivb82hqk5|AZTPAU22XXXN20220617700000000002271
2022-06-17T00:05:07.000Z|2022-06-17 10:05:07 GMT+10|CR|100.00|415.00|PaymentInitiation|||name|[email protected]|EMAIL|The description||869398e7e8cab0c84c826a210135a3d5|d00b985055c20190d5ad64bc49126328|24749290-edd1-11ec-bc15-d1127cd0936e|BZTPAU22XXXN20220617000000000001681
2022-06-17T00:05:21.000Z|2022-06-17 10:05:21 GMT+10|DR|5.00|410.00|PaymentRequest|802010|00000001|Payer details Name|[email protected]|EMAIL|Integration test payment|Payer payment reference|a75bd89b6f8bc8c04c41a35f99e05c3c||yrirzaalok8ivb82hqk5|BZTPAU22XXXN20220617500000000002050
2022-06-17T00:05:28.000Z|2022-06-17 10:05:28 GMT+10|DR|30.00|380.00|PaymentRequest|802010|00000001|Payer details Name|[email protected]|EMAIL|Integration test payment|Payer payment reference|0791daa0510cad2f71a3d35ae3e743d0||bkbxcy1lnxzxqohqh70u|AZTPAU22XXXN20220617900000000001710
2022-06-17T00:05:40.000Z|2022-06-17 10:05:40 GMT+10|DR|380.00|0.00|Sweep|802010|00000001|Account name|||Funds held by Azupay||AZUPAYOUTSWEEP-2D9A890D-20220617||AZUPAYOUTSWEEP-2D9A890D-20220617|BZTPAU22XXXN20220617900000000001760

Backwards compatibility

To ensure backwards compatibility as we introduce more data to this report, we recommend implementing parsing which follows these rules:

  • Do not rely on columns of data appearing in a particular order.
  • Assume that we will add columns to the report in the future

SFTP upload and notification

As an extra feature, we can also upload the file to a sftp server and send a notification email. To know more about this feature contact support to configure the sftp and email parameters.

Hourly MT940 Report

The hourly MT940 report is only available for select Azupay customers. Here is a sample of the report: