User management

Inviting users

You can invite other users to create an account with Azupay and login to the Dashboard. To do that:

  1. Navigate to the Users menu.
  2. Input an email address of the user
  3. Select the role to be assigned to the new user
  4. Click "Add User"
  5. That user will receive an email with instructions to create the new account and will have the same permissions as the user sending the invite. See the reference section for the list and description of user roles.

The invited user will have the same role as the logged-in user. To update the role and more details about roles, see the next section below: Manage users.


User management tips

Sometimes users may have trouble logging into the platform after they have been invited. We recommend checking the following items to assist with troubleshooting user access before raising a support ticket.

  • Check for whitespace in the user's email address when logging in Our login form currently allows submission of whitespace, so an email address of "[email protected] " will fail compared to when "[email protected]" is supplied.

  • User logins are case sensitive and will fail if the user supplies a different case than the case the invite was sent to the user in. We recommend using lower case email addresses when inviting users. If you invite [email protected] or [email protected] and they attempt to log in with [email protected], the login will fail.

  • User invitation temporary passwords expire, and will not work after 7 days of the invite date. For security reasons, Azupay expires the temporary passwords set on new user invites after 7 days. If the temporary password is not used within this timeframe, users will be unable to login.
    To resolve this issue, delete the user and re-invite the user to trigger a new temporary password being sent to them, and ensuring the user has logged in and set a new password within 7 days of the new invite date. Once a user logs in for the first time using their temporary password, they will be prompted to set a new password. We don't currently support setting a new temporary password via the user interface. Once a user has logged in and set their own password, their account will have a status of "VERIFIED", while a user who has not completed the initial account setup will not have a status.

Manage users

In the User Management page, you can manage the users which includes:

  • View list of existing users and newly invited users
  • Update user role
  • Delete user

Add users

Delete users