Test accounts - 1-Click Checkout

In the UAT environment, we provide you with fictitious accounts and PayIDs in order to test all possible outbound payment outcomes

1-Click Checkout App

Happy path testing

PayIDPayment Request amountExpected behaviour
0400123123Any amountThe Payment Agreement created via the 1-click Checkout ap will automatically get approved to an ACTIVE state

Exception scenario testing

PayIDPayment Request amountExpected behaviour
0444222333Any amountPayID is not recognised, error message displayed “This mobile is not registered as a PayID”
0454444555Any amountPayID entered does not support PayTo, error message displayed “Your PayID is not enabled for PayTo”
0400123123$88.88Payment cannot be processed, error message displayed “Payment cannot be processed. Please contact your bank for further information or try a different payment method.
0472345678Any amountAuthorisation expired - countdown timer goes down to
The Payment Agreement created via the 1-click checkout app will stay in a CREATED state (simulating that the agreement is not approved)
0400111222Any amountPayment initiation fails with insufficient funds, error message displayed “Payment failed due to insufficient funds. Please make sure you have enough funds in your account.”

When using the 1-click Checkout app (UAT) with SMS authentication:

SMS OTPExpected Behaviour
111 222Will pass the SMS OTP check
Anything elseWill fail the SMS OTP check