February 2024 - feature updates

Core platform

  • Azupay funds settlement improvement for clients: excess funds over a client's maximum float balance will now be swept to the client's settlement account the next day instead of 48 hours later.
    This enhancement ensures that reconciliation of clients’ financial transactions remain seamless and optimized, aligning with business needs. It eliminates the current 48-hour wait period, providing clients with more immediate access to funds.

Azupay dashboard

  • Multi-parent hierarchy control on the Azupay dashboard: this change will allow sub-merchants to be controlled by more than one partner parent in the Azupay Dashboard.
    Sub-merchants can now be controlled with impersonation views in the Azupay dashboard governed by more than parent partner and also allowing these partner parents to have different control views of their children sub-merchants as necessary. It allows for more complex parent controls over numerous sub-merchants under supervision in the Azupay dashboard.