March 2024 - feature updates

PayID Checkout app

  • Feature: multipayments in PayID Checkout app handled
    The PayID Checkout app now handles PayIDs setup to handle multipayments for a better customer experience. A message will be displayed to let the user know they've paid, but just a partial amount not the full amount.

  • Feature: Simple PayID names used as the PayID description for payment requests
    Clients using the PayID Checkout app can opt in to use the name of the client for the PayID description when creating a payment request (instead of creating a more detailed payment request description of: client name, amount, and short description)

  • Feature: 1-click Checkout app redirect URL
    The full version of the 1-click Checkout App now redirects client’s end customers to the cancel URL specified after any payment is cancelled

Core platform

  • Feature: Oauth2 available as a secure authorization protocol
    Azupay now offers Oauth2 as a means of granting access to a set of resources and is common security measure for enterprise merchants to protect their API keys and calls

  • Feature summary: cancelled status for end-dated PayTo agreements
    Clients can now expect that end dated agreements will automatically go into CANCELLED status, when the specified end date/time is reached

  • Features: clients will now receive a unique failure reason code when a refund fails
    When an client performs an invalid refund request, Azupay will now then them a unique ‘failure code’ in the error response to their API call

  • Features: Reason codes provided when payment agreements are cancelled
    When a payment agreement is cancelled, clients will now will receive a reason code explaining why the payment agreement was cancelled by the end customer (payer) or payer financial institution