November 2023 - feature updates

Azupay dashboard

  • Uplift to Payment request search: clients can now search for Payment request transactions using the ‘Client branch’ as an input field.
  • Select user role from dropdown at time of adding new users: when adding new users for your organisation to the Azupay dashboard, clients can now select the appropriate role at the time of set-up, eliminating the need for manual role changes after the user has been added - reducing operational risk of adding a user with the incorrect role

Core platform

  • New ‘Ultimate payee’ field: we have introduced a new ‘Ultimate payee’ field in the Payment Request API to get insights on which sub-merchant of a partner has created a payment request and received an incoming payment. Some clients that are mandated by our Risk and Compliance team will need to include their sub-merchant in this new field
  • Configurable webhooks: new added functionality to configure the retry rate of webhooks over a 24-hour period.

PayID Checkout app

  • Merchants can now set up custom messaging to be displayed on the main landing page of the PayID Checkout app by raising a help desk ticket specifying the message to be displayed on the screen to your end users