October 2023 - feature updates

Azupay dashboard

  • Introducing a new 'Tech admin' user role: This newly created user role can perform all actions of a full Admin user except this user role cannot execute finance actions like payment refunds and balance management sweep of funds. The 'Tech admin' role can also add users to the dashboard but are limited to only adding 'Tech admin' and 'Finance operator' roles.
  • Improved transaction searching: clients can now search for payment transactions within a specific time range in conjunction with a specified PayID. We have also improved how the results are sorted and displayed in the dashboard to make it easier for clients who may want to view the most recent transactions first.

Core platform

  • Blacklisting of accounts: Azupay clients can now request us to blacklist bank accounts, and in doing so prevent incoming payments from these specified accounts. As a client, you can provide a list of BSB/account numbers from which we will block incoming payments.
    This feature ensures that our clients can easily manage and restrict payments from undesirable sources.