September 2023 Release Notes

New product features

Core Platform

  • Introducing a new Customer Service Operator user role: This newly created user role can only view payment transactions data. The role can neither view financial information such as float account balance, nor perform any financial/technical administration tasks.
  • Introducing a new Finance Manager user role: The Finance Manager role can view the details of a payment request and perform full and partial refunds.
  • Daily Transactions Report can now be encrypted: Our customers can now request us to encrypt their daily transaction reports. This ensures an additional security layer for their payment transactions data.
  • Additional configuration in the Daily Transactions Report: Customers can now configure the Client Branch field and use the information in it as an additional payment transaction data point.
  • Payment Initiation RAPs are more consistently processed: We have improved the way we process inbound payments to correctly handle PayID payments vs PayTo payments.
  • We've amped up our alerting system for Payment Errors from other banks. When we receive a flurry of errors, CloudWatch springs into action and alerts our on-call heroes to investigate those pesky ABXX and PAXX errors.
  • Azupay can now process Direct Entry returned payments via Cuscal in a jiffy! We'll automatically process the transactions and issue refunds. Efficiency at its finest!

Checkout App

  • When customers click Cancel on the checkout app, the PayID will now be deregistered so that no payments can be made for that transaction after it is cancelled.
  • The checkout app can now poll for expired payments, which means once a customer fails to make a payment within the time set by you, the payment request expires and can no longer accept payments. The PayID associated with the payment request is deregistered. You can set the payment expiry time in the paymentExpiryDatetime field in PaymentRequest.
  • The full Checkout App experience now displays the payment description, so you'll always know what you're paying for. No more confusion!
  • We've added extra polling to cover scenarios where a payment request is modified or deleted. We've got your back, even if you decide to splurge on some extra leg room, when you come back the Checkout app will be updated!
  • QR code enthusiasts, rejoice! We've updated the QR code to take you directly to the Checkout App itself. No more detours.
  • When you cancel a transaction, we'll redirect you to a URL specified by the merchant. Smooth sailing!